Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals...gotta love 'em!

Every year I load myself down with a ton of resolutions. I always have big plans and the best intentions, but guess what? The first month of the year I always kick butt, working on the humongous list with fervor. By February, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but still in the game. My March I'm usually ready to burn the damn list. LOL.

So, it's taken me a few years to figure this out, but I think I finally have. A big ole list of a million resolutions is never going to work. It's too much. Guess how many of my list of ten I usually accomplish? One or two. This year I'm going about this a different way. I'm scratching the word resolutions and listing them as goals. I'm not hanging the list next to my computer to taunt me every day but they will be in the back of my mind. My goals are things I've wanted to work and would be working on regardless of the fact that it's a New Year.

1. Finish the weight loss I started last year. It's a tried and true resolution/goal that most of us have on our list. This year I want to scratch it off for GOOD. I've been working the past couple months on it so it's not something I'm just starting on the first. I'm kind of a work in progress in that department I guess you can say so maybe the fact that I've already been working toward it will help me. I'm already in the zone.

2. I want to at least equal, but hopefully write more this year than I did last. I already have my next couple projects lined up on paper so I just have to sit down and write them.

See? Easy right? LOL. Now lets see how I do on them...

Do you make resolutions or New Years goals?


Regina Carlysle said...

Why do we torture ourselves with all this Resolution stuff? I swear, Madison, I do it every year and I've opted for GOALS instead of Resolutions too. Maybe it'll TAKE this time. Mine is to lose a little weight by eating healthier (no fad stuff) and I want to write a novella a month. Probably won't make the book a month thing but if I'm diligent and write every damn day, I might get close and close is good.

Madison Scott said...

I know what you mean. I'm hoping mine stick this year too.