Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Um, he doesn't look like that!

I love a guy with dark hair. I've always been that way. Give me some messy, black hair, bright blue eyes and a wicked grin gets you in all the right places and I'm a goner. I find that I automatically try and write all the heroes in my books with dark hair. The eyes aren't always blue (a nice green thrown in from time to time or a dark, brown his hot too), but my guys almost always try and have dark hair! In fact, I have to remind myself that black haired guys aren't the only hot guys out there. All the heroes I write can't have dark hair.

I have nothing against those sexy blonds of course. They're as delicious as can be too, but it's like my mind automatically goes to dark hair when I'm writing.

Usually, it stops with my writing, but the other day it leaked into my reading. I was devouring a good book, but something about the heroes description just didn't work for me. For some reason it didn't seem to be HIM. Which is weird because it obviously is. LOL. I didn't write the guy, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't visualize the hero the way the writer described him. It didn't fit with his personality, IMO. Crazy, huh?

For me, I'm not even sure I just wanted to give the guy my knee-weakening black hair and blue eyes. It was really a whole package deal, that I just couldn't see. I've never had that happen before so I'm curious if I'm on my own on this one.

Have you ever done this? Do you tend to imagine the heroes with your favorite characteristics or do you see who the author paints for you? Has there ever been a time you just couldn't see a character, hero or heroine the way the author described?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Satisfy Me gets 5 Cherries!

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews gave Satisfy Me five cherries! Here's a snippet of the review.

I think the relationship between these two was perfect. The relationship started as just a spicy fling, but ended in a sensual romantic relationship. That does not mean the spice died down. Instead it grew with the intensity of their feelings. This was one sizzling story that woke up my adventurous side.

With the right type of characters and the perfect plot this story left me wanting more in a good way.

Read full review HERE

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love me some sexy heroes!

I have to admit, most of the time, I read for the heroes. I mean, I have to like the heroine. It's helps if I can relate to her in some way, but there are those that I can't really relate too, but like anyway. When it comes to a book I adore though--you know those special books that end up on your keeper shelf that you read over and over? The thing that all those books have in common is, though I like the heroine, I LOVE the hero.

I can't help it! I read for the boys! Love those sexy men. I've always had a soft spot for a good tortured hero. I don't know what it is about those men who are broken, but damn they know how to love a woman. On the other end of that spectrum, nothing gets me going like those cocky, sarcastic guys that are good and they know it, but damn they treat their women good too. See what I mean? I love book guys. I can't help it. Shh, don't tell my hubby ;)

SO, some of my favorites of those delicious heroes are.

Vane from Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have to admit that wolf shifters don't always do it for me, but there is something so sexy about Vane. I think it comes from the way he treats Bride. He is so attentive and always makes her feel so beautiful. He respects her and worships her body and I can't help but wish for a day in Bride's shoes.

Z from Lover Awakened by JR Ward. Poor Z is the epitome of the tortured hero. The brother is so broken, but I can't help want to love him. He does something to my heart--touches it in a way that I'm not sure a hero from any other book has.

Noah from Too Much Temptation by Lori Foster. I know Anne and I are both in love with Noah. I think it will always be my favorite of her books. There is something so incredibly sexy about how Noah just can't get enough of Grace. He's right up there with Vane on the way he worships her body. It gets me every time.

Bones from The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. Bones will always be my man. If I could pull one hero out of a book and claim him as mine, it would be Bones. I've read the series about four times and each time I read it, he makes me giddy. I get smiley with some of the stuff he says to her, and when he's loving her...yeah, gets me hot and bothered every time. The man is the epitome of sexy and he's sarcastic as hell which I just love. I'm starting to see a pattern here, but another big thing that I love about Bones is how he loves Cat. When he realizes she's the one, there's nothing wishy-washy about him. He wants her and she will be his. He doesn't doubt his feelings or run away. When he finds her, he holds onto her with both hands from the beginning and doesn't let go. He'd do anything for her and it makes my heart race. Oh, and did I mention he's hot? LOL.

There you have it, the list of some of my sexiest heroes. What heroes can you not help but love?