Monday, May 7, 2012

Dance for Me Now Available!

Available HERE Ex-prima ballerina Layla Christensen isn’t the clumsy, stumbling girl she was as a child. She’s a Julliard graduate... graceful and light on her feet. Until sexy doctor Ryder Evans moves across the hall. She can hardly stay on her feet when Dr. Feel Good is around, and he likes having that effect on her. How is she supposed to function when he shows up at her studio and signs up the daughter she didn’t know he had for lessons? Shock doesn’t begin to cover how he feels when Ryder steps into Perfect Pirouettes to find out his gorgeous neighbor is a dance teacher. After the scorching kiss they shared, he swore to seduce her, but her living across the hall and being his daughter’s teacher is too many strings for him. When their sexual chemistry becomes too much to ignore, Layla and Ryder begin stealing any moment they can to have each other. Their sexual affair soon becomes more of an affair of the heart, until their pasts threaten to tear them apart.