Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First person POV?

Just a question for all you readers out there. I'm curious how you feel about first person point of view. Love it? Hate it? In between?

Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have a new release!!!

Angelique Clements has always tried to be the perfect daughter. Her wealthy parents run her life with no questions asked, much like they do the rest of Kindness, KY. When they try to force her to forgive her cheating fiancĂ©, Angelique finally decides it's time to live her own life. After getting an apartment for the first time, she meets the complex’s resident handyman, Russell Steele. What starts out as an easy friendship with a man unlike anyone she's ever known, becomes a game when her mother sees them together, and much to her dismay, assumes they are dating.

The more Angelique and Russ keep up their charade, the more real their act becomes. But Russ has secrets, and the closer they grow, the more he begins to try and pull away from her. Can Angelique uncover Russ’ past and show him they still have a future together, or will they both lose at this game of love?

Available HERE