Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Malone is coming!

I'm excited to announce that I just signed a contract with Liquid Silver Books for book two in my Malone Brothers series called, Bliss. This book is the sexy, middle brother, Ethan's book. If you read Satisfy Me, you caught a few glimpses of Ethan. That's what I love about series. You get to see, and get to know characters throughout more than one book. Ethan gave his older brother Ty a hard time in Satisfy Me and now we get to see him fall in Bliss.

I've always been a series reader and I love writing them too. I get really connected to my characters so it's fun to get to hold onto them a little big longer when I'm writing a series.

Do you like series? What are some of your favorite series and why do you like them?


danyelle09 said...

Well, first of all I loved Satisfy Me but of course you knew that!! I am a series reader, Midnight Breed,Dark Hunters, Black Dagger Brotherhood and the list goes on and on. I love series because of the character development, you get to know them and continue thier story throughout different books.

Regina Carlysle said...

Hey Madison. I'm with YOU on a series. Yes, I love a stand alone but more often than not, I want the story to continue. I love series. Your blog looks amazing btw.

Amber Skyze said...

I enjoy watching characters grow and develop in a series. I'm definitely a series reader. :)