Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finding that middle ground

Madison Scott for Writers Gone Wild

I was chatting with a writer friend of mine about heroes. She writes the best alpha's because these men are strong and dominant. They're blunt when it comes to sex and how much they want the heroine, which is damn hot, IMO, but they also have those sweet moments. Those moments where they can give in a little bit and be romantic a way...soft. I LOVE that. I think it takes a strong writer to pull that off in a hero and to me, it's the best kind of hero. We don't want hard all the time, and if you can pull off that dominant alpha hero with a soft spot for his heroine, you've sold me!

I think that middle ground is some times hard to find. Where do you draw the line? You don't want a hero who is always dominant or hard or he can come off as a jerk. But then, we don't just want that sweetness either, at least I don't. I like my men cocky, dominant, with those hard edges, but with the ability to, at the right moment, be softer for he heroine.

What king of hero do you love? Who are some of your favorite heroes that walk that middle line?